School Policies

A Short Summary for Parents.

Assembly/Bell 8.45am
Sos 10.45am – 11.00am
Lón 12.20pm – 12.55pm
Junior and Senior Infants Lessons Finish 1.30pm
1st – 6th Class Lessons Finish 2.30pm

Junior Infant children: On the first two days, we ask parents to arrive at 9am. All other children will be in their classrooms by then and cars will have pulled away, making it calmer and safer for our new and very welcome VIPs! In the first two weeks of school J.Infant parents should collect their children at 12 am.
The staff will accept responsibility for all the children at 8.45 am. throughout the school year. Parents are strongly advised not to send children to school before 8.35am.
Children must leave the school at 2.30 pm, unless otherwise advised. Junior and Senior Infants should be collected at the gate at 1.30pm Please notify your child’s teacher if there is a change in arrangements for collecting your child from school. This is especially important for Infant children.

School Policies

Our school policies are available to view on this website. They are important documents which define the ethos, procedures and rules which we uphold, here in Caherleaheen. Hard copies are available to borrow from the office.

School Excursions

Parents will be notified of all school excursions as they arise. Parents sign ‘Parental Permission for School Outings’at the beginning of the academic year.

Administration of Medication to Students
To comply with the School Policy on the administration of medication to students, parents are asked to note or comply with the following procedures:

School staff are not required to administer medication to students nor do they have any legal obligation to do so.
School staff do have a duty of care to administer first aid to students in their care.

Parents who wish their children to have a member of staff administer prescribed medication must provide to the Principal:

1. A written statement from the student’s doctor authorising a member of staff to administer the prescribed medication. The statement should also set out the necessary directions and specify any special precautions that exist.
2. Written approval for a member of staff to administer the prescribed medication.

The administration of non-prescribed medicines kept by the school will be carried out within the definition of care and only if parents have given their written approval.


All visitors to the school are obliged to check in at the office before proceeding towards classrooms.


Do not drop children at the front gate.ALWAYS park and escort your child to and from the school gate.
Infant children will be held at the main entrance until the arrival of a parent or guardian.

School Rules

Please be reminded that there are school rules in relation to dress, appearance and lunches.
In general these are as follows

a. The full school uniform is worn on all school days other than on days of PE lessons during which day the agreed PE kit is to be worn. Children will, as agreed come to school in their PE uniform on this day. On hot days, pupils may wear navy shorts.
b. For Physical Education, runners are compulsory and pupils are obliged to wear the school tracksuit.
c. Pupils are not allowed to wear tattoos, earrings or any other form of jewellery or piercings in school. Sleepers are however permitted .
d. Uniform haircuts are acceptable. However, extreme hairstyles or cuts (eg. Hair that is bleached, tinted, dyed or two-tone. Unkempt hair. Hair with different lengths. Partially shaved hair or hair incorporating designs, jewellery, hair extensions or other such embellishments are not permitted.
e. Make-Up is not permitted
f. Lunches :Fruit, a sandwich, crackers, juice, milk, nuts, yoghurt, WATER 🙂 Please adhere to our new Healthy Lunch policy.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones, cameras, iPods and other such devices are not needed for the purposes of study and are a distraction in class. Students are not allowed to bring phones to school. Students breaking this rule shall have their phone confiscated for 5 consecutive school days. There are phones in the office if you need to contact your child or vice versa.

Internet Safety

Please note that, under the new system, every school’s internet activity is monitored centrally by the school’s broadband system at NCTE in Dublin. All inappropriate material is blocked. If you have a concern, please contact the Principal or call NCTE at 1800 334466.


Please note that we operate an open enrolment policy on a first come first served basis with the proviso that siblings of children already enrolled in the school, siblings of children who have left the school, the catchment area and children of past pupils get first preference. Enrolment forms are available on this website and in the office and prospective parents are advised to complete this form without delay. Completion of the enrolment form does not guarantee your child’s enrolment in our school. Please see our Enrolment Policy, on our website.

Any queries?

We welcome any questions or queries which parents may have. We strongly believe that we are your partners and therefore communication and dialogue between parents and staff is greatly encouraged. Your child’s happiness and well-being is as important to us as it is to you!