Acceptable User and Remote Learning Policy

  • Acceptable Usage and Remote Learning Policy 

Acceptable Usage Remote Learning Policy 2020

Permission Form for New Parents/Enrollees

Legislation: The school will provide information on the following legislation relating to use of the Internet which teachers, students and parents should familiarise themselves with:Data Protection (Amendment) Act 2003Child Trafficking and Pornography Act 1998Interception Act 1993Video Recordings Act 1989The Data Protection Act 1988

I agree to follow the school’s Acceptable Use and Remote Learning Policy on the use of the Internet and remote teaching/learning platforms. I will use the Internet and platforms in a responsible way as detailed in this policy.
Student’s Signature: __________________________
Parent/Guardian : __________________________
Date: ___________________
As the parent or legal guardian of the above student, I have read the Acceptable Use and Remote Learning Policy and grant permission for my son or daughter or the child in my care to access the Internet. I understand that Internet access is intended for educational purposes. I also understand that every reasonable precaution has been taken by the school to provide for online safety but the school cannot be held responsible if students access unsuitable websites.
In relation to the school website, I accept that, if the school considers it appropriate, my child’s schoolwork may be chosen for inclusion on the website or on digital platforms. I understand and accept the terms of the this policy relating to publishing students’ work.
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Please review the attached school Internet Acceptable Use Policy, and sign and return this permission form to the Principal.
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