Blog for 5th Class

Mr Damien’s Fifth Class Weebly Blog 2017/2018

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Homework Survey October 2017

Recycled Engineering.

Fifth and Sixth Classes created beautiful bicycles from recycled materials as part of our Green Schools Project on Transport🚲. It’s time to get back on our bikes, now that Spring is here. Be safe and be seen🚦

1916 Quiz

Answering quiz questions based on 5th Class 1916 projects…

mini seven’s football

Paired Reading – 1st & 5th Class

Science: Forces

While studying forces in science the children made paper helicopters.

A Norman Castle

As part of history we recently learned all about the arrival and impact of the Normans on Ireland. The Normans built some great castles and the children made some replicas as can be seen in the photo.

Lions Club Carol Singing

Third, Fifth and Sixth class sing carols on Fri 5th December , 4.45pm-6.00pm (outside Quinlan’s Fish + chip shop, The Mall)