Sixth Class: Persuasive Writing. Class: Persuasive Writing.

Pupils in Sixth Class never fail to impress! They spent four weeks researching, writing and planning house designs. These were no ordinary designs! They also made intricate, miniature, shoebox models of their floor plans. This teamwork culminated in a ‘Sales Brochure’, a Sales Powerpoint and an actual shoebox model of each home. There were eight teams. Each team’s project was assessed by a combination of teachers, in the following areas:

  1. Quality of Brochure: attractive, clear layout of information etc
  2. Oral Presentation Skill: eye contact, voice, tone, body language etc
  3. Persuasive Content: Powerpoint design, imagery, selling points
  4. Team work : Evidence of roles and full participation of each pupil
  5. Shoebox Model: Creativity, design, materials,aesthetics etc

The teachers were most impressed with each team’s incredible effort and the wonderful persuasive Powerpoint presentations, as Gaeilge agus as Béarla. The houses or holiday homes featured geo-thermal wind and solar-powered installations, electric vehicle charging units, handsewn upholstery, recycled and upcycled furniture, steel counter-tops, charging, patios, a swimming pool/ice rink, landscaped gardens, wooden floors and fantastic interior and exterior colour schemes. Some of the presenters pitched the attractive lifestyle, highlighting amenities for children, child-care options for parents and local organic food-markets. These homes were extraordinary. The teams answered questions posed by the judging panel with ease. Every single detail was covered, including their business cards and social media platforms. Well done, everyone! Well done, Ms Marion!

— schooladmin