From our desks to 42k! Bua Tré Iarracht.

This is it! The time hath cometh. We are going to rise up from our desks, brush ourselves down and start moving our limbs. It is really important that all children wear runners EVERY DAY. Water or diluted water is equally important. All the kids are commited to running on Saturdays and Sundays too. Parents, older siblings, friends can join us on weekends.( The 9.25am 2k run in Tralee Town Park, every Sunday morning, is perfect for 4-13yr olds and 14-99yr olds! It’s a wonderful family friendly activity….great buzz). Light rain-jackets will also be handy, so please make sure your child has his/hers every day. This challenge will be one small step for your child, one giant leap for your child’s health and happiness, not to mention concentration,alertness, calmness, self-worth, well-being, breathing, posture, motivation and FUN. So please, give all your support to your kids by packing them off to school every day with really healthy lunches, runners, water, a rain jacket and a supportive pat on the back. It really is that simple!

— Mary C