MATHS FAIR: Part 1 (Juniors-Second Class). Oct. 2017.

Despite the inconvenience( and joy for the children!)of losing days to Ophelia, the Junior Maths Fair charged ahead. Many thanks to Fourth and Fifth Classes for hosting the games. All the teachers set up challenges which were age-appropriate and wonderfully engaging. The Infants had a chance to explore number-value, shape, measurement, count, add, subtract, score, estimate and achieve success in all their activities. Games were held in the yard and in the hall. They covered all the areas in our Maths Curriculum and more, with many games differentiated for 1st, 2nd and 3rd! The staff were just delighted to see how the little ones managed to share, compliment, encourage and congratulate each other. There were so many games to enjoy. Tomorrow will be a completely different set-up.Tomorrow the Seniors exercise their math-muscle. We have really interesting games, that not just explore traditional computational skills, but also pose challenges in geometry, spatial awareness, processing, problem-solving, sequencing, algebra and patience/concentration! Watch this space for photos of the Seniors, hard at it tomorrow. Find Mr Damien’s Fifth Class Blog in the Fifth Class menu above. He took some great photos of the action today 🙂

Fishing for the big numbers.

Another hand painted t-shirt!

I don’t do things by half either: Here’s the front!

Will this wellie fly past the 10m mark?

Don’t you just love the ladders and hate the snakes?

Even numbers will get Elkie, Pipa and Moo-cow up the ladder quicker!

I just need to concentrate for 60secs.

Each skittle has a different score……add them up.

Estimation……winner eats all?

— Mary C