Painting Parents Banish Yellow Brick Walls.👍

Yellow is often described as a ‘mentally stimulating’ colour. We don’t need any stimulation in Caherleaheen😄. We opted for a new calm colour, on walls that haven’t seen paint for over a decade. 21 parents painted in 2hour slots. One third of parents from Fifth and Fourth classes arrived on the day armed with sheets, brushes, rollers, sweets and big smiles. That is a great response, when so many more tried but were bound to other family commitments. Thank you all for trying. Some parents stayed painting (feverishly!) most of the day. It was a great day and the staff and children of Caherleaheen can’t thank you enough for giving your precious time. I can’t wait to see their reaction. The ‘canary yellow’ is a tough bright colour to overpaint. But thankfully, with all you volunteers, we did it. There are quite a few painting sheets and brushes remaining which you might want to reclaim. Please call in to collect.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road……..(Two Dorothys bravely facing the challenge!).

— Mary C