Science Week : All Classes Engaged and Firing!

We all explored and engaged with this national science initiative. There are no boundaries in science. It embraces forces, materials, living things, engineering, measurement, recording and the whole world around us! It invites us all to question, predict and try out experiments. It’s always fun and engaging. It’s life!! ‘Read More’. Just click↙️

Junior Infants set they key: A Major! They explored sound and pitch🎵

Doe, a deer…..

Some things float like rubber duckies🦆 Some don’t☹️

Senior Infants wonder “what floats your boat?”

Look closely…

Predicting and recording results. Ms Caroline is SOooooo proud of her Senior scientists 🌟

Yes, First Class know how to trick is into thinking that eggs can’t get sucked into tight bottle-necks!

No thanks!

How do Ms Ann’s First Class keep so many ping pong balls in the air?

First class have plans:rocket plans. They were propelled onwards and upwards, by pulling back a strong elastic AND measuring pulls. Superb rockets and astronauts.

‘First Class’Science fiction writers!!

She just couldn’t resist!!

Second Class:Written reports describe their bridge-building strategies!

Inspired by the Greats….

The planning, the designing and the imagination.

Second Class Pride!!

The very brave ventured into Ms Brid’s room. Exploring with taste and touch was a little bit scary, but exciting too. Can anyone really trust Ms Brid?

Ermmm… it edible?

“I am not peeping…..I am sniffing!”

Third Class will never be short of options if they find themselves stranded at sea (in a yacht!) with no fresh water. They heated salty ‘sea’ water….

Then heated it more…..evaporation accelerated.

….until drops of fresh water condensed and dropped gently into a little glass. Each group tasted their fresh water to be sure. Yes, no salty taste at all!Rain tastes nice 💧

Where do I begin???

Can do= Will fly!

Written report.👍

Fourth class were ecSTATIC, with their electric balloon experiments

Bicarbonate of soda/vinegar produced carbon dioxide. So did the yeast.

Fourth Class pupils show their peers.

An eggcellent activity.

Fifth Class got to grips with making electrical circuits.

They attached circuits that open and close in each of their Christmas cards


A Rudolf card….with an ‘electric nose’.🦌

🎵All of the other reindeers, laughed alot and showed their lights🎵

Sixth class, building model towers. This class have an assured, mature self-confidence. Are these structures storm proof?

The Sixth class girls are quietly proud (and capable young engineers)

No explosions here, just water rising up inside the jar as the candle ‘s flame uses up all the oxygen. The water rushes in to balance the pressure. This experiment epitomises Sixth class management….. Mr Paul rushing in to class every morning. Keeping the pressure within and without, equal and balanced.

Unfortunately his shampoo hasn’t the correct PH balance.(If only we had the courage to tell him)

— Mary C