Engineering Fun and a geology tour to Crag Cave….

Pupils in First and Fifth really enjoyed and were challenged by engineering activities. First Class built the tallest buildings….in the World: The Burj Caherleaheen! Fifth class dropped eggs without cracking any shell….they used pneumatic platforms and other clever landing structures. Click ‘Read More’ to see other activities…..such as the secret chef behind the delicious soup:a hearty, healthy organic soup made with sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash,garlic, onions and more (another fab recipe from Ms Gemma)

Land an egg from a meter height…?

Busy engineers.

Bua tré iarracht!

First Class reached great heights….

Fifth Class exploring a Limestone Wonderland-Crag Cave.

Delicious soup.

Keep it stirred

Can’t wait…..

— Mary C