Busy Bees 🐝

Even though we are very busy, we all have decided to use these three words as often as possible. We hope, parents, teachers, assistants and children will make a big effort this coming year to say ‘más é do thoil’, ‘go raibh maith agat’ agus ‘brón orm’ 👍 Click Read More…

Thank you, for the beauty around us.

Thank You, for all the creatures,big and small.

Thank you Rian Moynihan in Rang a Dó! Your gift of 5 huge boxes
of lego is really appreciated!!

Thank You for my gift of creativity.

Thank You for all my toys and for making me smile….😀

Thank You for helping me feel proud.

Thank you, Mitchell’s , for allowing Fourth , Fifth and Sixth Classes use your grounds for our football drills, last week.👍

Thank you, for sharing this activity with me.

Thank you for recognising my achievements. (Ballet!)

Another successful dancer💃

Thank You for our organic garden and our Harvesting Day (next week).

Thank you, Niamh!

Thank you, for all the colours!

Thank you, for the games, the fun and making sure I participate fully!

Thank you, for our new SNA!

— Mary C