Ballygarry Hotel Welcomes our Young Entrepreneurs of the Future.

Fifth Class are investigating what makes a business succeed in this world. Is it a ‘bright idea’? Or is hard work, passion and skill involved? Could it be interpersonal skills, character and an interest in people? Could it be about seeing a need/a market/a problem and solving, meeting that need? Pádraig and Tadhg McGillicuddy, of Ballygarry House Hotel and Spa, are leaders in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Both managers explained how the hotel has grown from generation to generation. Fifth class were shown an excellent, informative Powerpoint presentation on how investments of time, passion and hard work, over the years, have built the hotel to be what it is today. The children, in groups, were shown different sectors of the hotel industry: Kitchen and Culinary, Health and Fitness suite, the Spa, the receptions and the wonderful accommodation on offer in this beautiful hotel. All the staff work in tight teams and we hope this lesson, in particular, will play a part in promoting collaboration, as Fifth and Sixth classes get to grips with the learning objectives in the Junior Entrepreneur Programme (J.E.P.). Ms Gillian witnessed how Pádraig and Tadhg gave so much of their time, so generously to our Fifth Class. The welcome culminated in lunch for all the kids and a delicious dessert, including birthday cake for ????? Huge thanks to all the staff in Ballygarry. It was a great, educational (and tasty) tour! And thanks too to Jennifer, for these photos and helping on the tour.

— Mary C