Meet our first ever Caherleaheen Student Council. (CSC)

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes met in the hall to hear 22 nominees present themselves to the school public. We were genuinely impressed by the quality of their speeches, their ideals and their opinions on how a student council can improve the culture and experiences for all our school community. 80+ children voted and all agreed that all the nominees were excellent.There are now 10 children elected to the council! They will have an input into many of the decisions that are made during the year. They will endeavour to represent the voices of all our pupils in Caherleaheen. It’s very exciting……and very new! They spoke about their concerns such as problematic holes in the Astro turf, parking carefully, schoolbags, IT equipment, WiFi, a Caherleaheen App.,whiteboard maintenance, exercise at school and for ‘homework’, playground equipment, after school activities, homework clubs, well-being, shared reading between Senior and Junior children, chillax reading areas,music, movement and many other amazing and inspirational proposals.WOW!!! (We teachers were humbled and delighted…what great kids/speakers!) Congratulations to all of you: nominees, electorate and our first, ever CSC members๐Ÿ‘.

Everyone listened attentively to the speakers.

Everyone voted when they had heard all the proposals from the nominees. There were three elections.The photo below, of our Caherleaheen Student Council, makes us all so proud!We teachers and parents, are positively apprehensive ๐Ÿ˜‚

— Mary C