It’s just great to walk past Gabriel Galway’s mural. We do it many times a day, as it is now well grounded in the heart and centre of our school.It has given everyone inspiration and pause for thought. The Children of Lir mural depicts four siblings finding their true form having been trapped as swans, for 900 years. It reflects the hope of parents and teachers: that each child who passes through primary and secondary education will find their ‘true selves’, discovering their talents and pursuing their interests along the way, whilst caring for those around them. It also depicts sibling love and care: Fionnuala, the eldest cared and looked after her three younger brothers-Conn, Áodh and Fiachra. It means different things to many people, but invariably it asks us to take time, to appreciate,enjoy and pause. Gabriel used exterior Colourtrend paints, generously sponsored by Tony Griffin of Pat MacDonnell’s Paints in Manor👍. Each of the four characters is depicted in seasonal colours. Fionnuala is depicted in wintry blues and strong cold colours, her eyes pierce you with intense, yet confident determination to prevail. Each face/season is connected to the other by virtue of the four colour palettes. The harsh shards of water and the soft swan feathers break away as the young adolescents finally cast their spell-bound form, only to emerge as their true selves. The children really enjoyed watching Gabriel sketch the outlines in pencil.Then,he returned
each day to add the colours.(Very exciting!) He completed it during the mid-term break, determined to outwit the inclement weather. The final outlines in smokey-black made the whole mural even more vibrant and I will always cherish the reactions of children and adults, when we returned on Monday….marvelous! Gabriel Galway has found his true form! He is a former pupil who followed his love of drawing, animation, graphics etc. He is a fledgling Fine Art graduate (NCAD) and we all wish him the very, very best in the future. You could not meet a nicer or more hard-working, gifted young man. Thank you, Gabriel! We must also thank Dermot Crean for his article in He was really impressed with the mural too and posted a great review last Saturday. Click this blue link:


Fionnuala, keeping a close eye.

Fourth Class give their impressions of the Children of Lir

Here is more art from our corridors this week- -Fourth Class are growing legs 🙂

Fifth Class explored textile designs.

Rang a hAon had a Shark Attack!

Ní hé lá na báistí lá na bpáistií!

Rang a hAon: 2D Shape Art.

— Mary C