Parent Participation in Class. Participation in Class.

Garda Gerald Breen commanded great attention from our Junior Infants as he descibed what being a Garda is like from day to day. The children asked him lots of questions about catching robbers and being brave. James O’ Donoghue spoke to Fourth, Fifth and Sixth classes about the strong link between team sports and wellbeing. He especially commended all the girls in Caherleaheen and urged even more to participate in team sports. Ciara Buckley mesmerised Junior Infants with her companion: a beautiful black labrador, currently being trained as a Guide Dog. Ciara demonstrated the many commands which her dog is learning to follow-WHAT AN AMAZING DOG and TRAINER! Garda Aidan O Mahoney explained that parents and carers need to be reminded that safe school parking is really important. He urged the children to remind all drivers how to behave during dropoff and collection times. Then Caroline O Leary arrived and explained how her job can be very busy and she has alot to organise.

Every good garda needs a little support!

‘Good dog’!

Garda Aidan O Mahoney explained to Fifth and Sixth that safety at the school gates depends on drivers parking safely and making sure that passengers open their doors on the left side….!

‘Children should not leave the school until their carers park their cars , safely!

James O’ Donoghue proudly displayed many of the plaques and shields won by young Mitchells players… many of them girls.He gave an inspiring speech to the Senior Classes in the hall.

Caroline O Leary spoke to all the juniors about her job and then she gave all the kids a ‘visitor’s pass. 👍

— Mary C