Take a closer look..laptops work best……it’s been a h’egg’tic week or two….

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Thanks for keeping an eye on our website! Here are some photo-reports of our IT Tralee Sport activities, gardening, art etc. Unfortunately photos and reports work best on a laptop, due to an in’egg’splicable wordpress blip. You all received your Newsletter by email today, detailing all that’s going on here. But please dig deeper and take a look at our Science/STEM log too. It’s a Weebly link and you can access it here, under the ‘Initiatives’ menu above. It’s nearly complete. Míle buíochas do na daltaí agus múinteoirí. Obair ionatach ar fad!

No words can credit the incredible duo from our Tralee I T. Sinead and Conchuair led 8 weeks of fantastic PE lessons, for each class! They were the most ‘egg’citing , most anticipated coaches every week.Karen Weekes, their lecturer and leader should be so proud of the quality and calibre which her dept. showcases each year. We love them and truely appreciate the training, enthusiasm, professionalism and positivity which such students bring to our school every year, Thank you so much Sinéad and Conchuair. Ar fheabhas ar fad!

Reconstructed beds, ready for Spring planting….and our lunchtime gardening club ready to dig….

And dig…

….and dig….

….and dig….

We can’t wait for all our parents to arrive on Bank Holiday Saturday, 4th May to help with gardening and tidying our grounds, hedges (hint, hint)…..:)


Chirp, chirp, from Fifth…..

Chirpitty-chirp from our Junior Infants

Many thanks to our hugely talented third level students from IT: David Clifford, DJ Hanafin and Oran Murphy. They co-ordinated and taught ‘invasion strategies’ and we can’t wait for them to return next term to Fifth and Sixth for three more weeks….

The P.Assoc Book Fair really grabbed everyone’s attention. Huge thanks to all you parents who helped on site, or visited the display.

Rang a 4 ‘egg’joyed textile crafts

They have moved on to clay this week and their magical, original baskets of eggs are almost ready……just waiting for them to dry, so that spring painting can begin!

The Easter message from Fifth

Graffiti art from Fifth.

Senior Infants are so ‘egg’centric! I just love these festive garlands….

Senior Infants are looking forward to Summer! What lovely 3D poppies and look at the Slieve Mish mountains 🙂

I happened to bump in to these Community Games winners today on the corridor. Some of the silverware is from Gneevgullia Open Athletics. We LOVE Tralee Harriers, in Caherleaheen. Make sure you support and join our local Harriers Athletic club because everyone wins/gains from being active with friends and GREAT coaches!

The Green Committee have sprinkled love and care on the soil of these tulips. There hasn’t been a day that someone hasn’t commented on how huge they are. They have bloomed for more than 5 weeks and Ms Brid H says that many hands, back in November, ‘egg’riched the soil!

How cute are these ‘egg’static festive pictures from Ms Gemma’s Rang a hAon agus Rang a Dó?

Spring Cleaning? We have it nailed! Here is another hero whom I met in the corridor…..doing his bit. ‘Egg’cellent!

— Mary C