Second Class Receive Their First Holy Communion. Class Receive  Their  First Holy Communion.

We could not commend these young children enough. They fully appreciated and understood the meaning behind their third sacrament: First Holy Communion. They were responsive, reverent and attentive during their very special mass. Their teachers, Ms Claire and Ms Gemma agreed that all the preparation and attention to detail made for a very special ceremony. The choir of 27 and 4 musicians from Fourth, Fifth and Sixth were superb, having practised early every morning in recent weeks. Fr Sean Jones also celebrated his very First Holy Communion Mass as a priest and he attended to all the school work in the preceding months with great enthusiasm and infectious good humour. Carmel Foran kept a watchful and supportive eye over all the prep and proceedings in the church. The P.Assoc and First Class parents and children prepared a wonderful reception in the school hall after the church ceremony: savoury and sweet delights, coffee and teas, flower arrangements, decorations and they even arranged incredible sunbeams to shine through the newly decorated hall! The art work on display in both the Mary Immaculate Church and the school hall, from all the children in Second was truly beautiful and everyone had the opportunity to chat and meet up before every family went their separate ways. Thank you all for making this special day such a memorable one. God bless all our children. Of course, there were great celebrations when we all returned to our normal routine on Monday, which happened to coincide with the first day of our Active Week. That didn’t stop Ms Gemma from treating Second Class to ice cream wafers, or Ms Mary from treating the singers and musicians to icepops, or Ms Claire from treating teachers and assistants to warm scones!

— Mary C