Amended School Calendar for Terms 2 and 3.

Dear Parents, please be aware that the DoES requires all national schools to attend PLC ( new Primary Language Curriculum)  courses throughout the year. Therefore, our school was closed on Monday January 13th 2020, for PLC training. We are also required to take a half day to train (PLC) as a staff in Term 2 and another half day in Term 3. Our Term 3 date has yet to be confirmed. These dates are not related to termly staff meetings. Therefore please download this updated calendar of  important holidays/training days/graduation and confirmation dates. (Please keep an eye on the live calendar ‘ Upcoming Events’, which you will find on this website’s home page). We will also do our best to  keep you abreast of any important upcoming events/meetings/fundraisers as they arise during the year via emailed newsletters and reminders on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You will note, that due to a leap year, there is an extra vacation day on Friday 27th March (the day after Sixth Class are confirmed). Some of you have asked for the return date in August. Staff return on Thursday 27th. Pupils return on Friday, 28th August. Many thanks. Mary C.

— Mary C