Lot’s of News! A Great Start to 2020…..(click ‘Read More’ tab…..if you want to know more:)

Congratulations to all the entrepreneurs in Fifth Class! Our Twitter account tracked the four wonderful teams, who progressed to the D.Day: Dragon’s Den, yesterday. The winning product was announced today: Multi-Bands👏👏. Well done to all on this team! We are immensely proud of how all the teams congratulated the winners, commiserated with each other, hugged and held the odd tear back. The world would be a better place if we had more people like the children in Fifth class. They will now all rally behind our 2020 JEP product, as will parents, staff, pupils and fans/sponsors. Best class, by a Dragon’s mile!

Heart just melts❤ , when an industrious Junior Infant goes to the bother of making a St Brigid’s Cross at home, to give to Ms Mary, to ‘help you’ for next week’s Grandparent craft day. (Thursday 30th 1pm👍). Let’s hope our senior pupils can get five crosses made this weekend , to secure a highly coveted, night off homework on Monday!!!!
Fifth Class enjoyed a bonus break today, after all their amazing work, these last few months. As you can see, they can and will reach some admirable heights!
Another year…….a year of tulip blooms, greatly anticipated. Many thanks to Shane and Nadal from Sixth Class, for helping to transport the pots back to the patio. Competitive daffodils there too…..
The parents in 2nd, 3rd and 4th will know more about Tom Crean than they ever knew before! Heard presentations today in Caroline’s room as each team spoke about their projects, interesting facts about his life, his bravery and why he is widely regarded as a hero. They used Caroline’s microphone when presenting,proud of their projects. Damien’s class very busy too with our Tom Crean theme. The Endurance boats above are a sample of some of the curricular areas which this theme linked with: art, oral communication, literacy, history, SSE objectives, IT skills, research and team skills.
Beautiful clay pots in Damien’s room, enjoying spring sunshine ( a welcome surprise 🙂
A very happy group of after-school Infant pupils today and everyday. Popped in and caught them having yet another great afternoon with Marie. Always great: busy, creative, engaged…….with Spotify playing in the background:). Thanks Marie!

The children had a lot of questions when they saw this banner, today. We don’t want the kids to miss out…..so we MIGHT hold a Junior Spring Grill here at school! (Just need a couple of gazebos, a chef, sausages and burgers, fruit and balloons etc) Easy peasy? YES, especially if we can get three parents to join our 4 Staff/5 parents, who are on the HH/Caherleaheen NS Sub-Committee. It would be great! This whole fundraiser is a 50/50 affair! All donations will be split 50/50. So that’s a win/win for both Hugh’s House, Caherleaheen NS. However, we need four more parents to link with the teachers & parents who are now committing to this dual fundraiser. Its’ a small tight sub-committee, but we need a few more pairs of legs!We also need and welcome all your suggestions, your support, your creativity and any help or time which you can give. ALL STAFF met with P.Assoc Grill group and have committed to displaying posters, approaching specific potential sponsors and bringing home donations to this 50/50 Fundraiser. It’s all very exciting and uplifting!

Ms Sinéad’s class were slightly bananas……so are the staff perhaps🤣. Aithníonn ciaróg ciaróg eile, b’fhéidir!

Junior Infants love using the interactive board, as it’s always a great opportunity to revoice …….what a great class x
Seriously attentive!
Great work from the Crean Teams in Caroline’s Rang a Dó/Trí
Crean fans really enjoy their fab PE lessons with Ms Caroline, this week.
We all appreciate and value the importance of physical breaks. We take these stretch breaks in classrooms every day at around 10am and we love playing dance music in the yard at lunch time on Fridays -some great moves and grooves, not to mention the wonderful communal feel-good factor!
….and PENGUINS…..from Ms Claire’s class,: Rang a hAon⛄🐧
I would love to see more Caherleaheen pupils running on Sunday mornings! What a great national initiative . Free Caherleaheen Calendar for our young runners , if they complete the 2km fun run….🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
We are incredibly proud of Junior Infants! Ms Caroline Cronin is so fond of them all and she is committed to their individual needs, the curriculum and all the other initiatives in our school…..
….And she was awarded a JEP medal, courtesy of Fifth Class, for all her input , mentoring and support! Ms Aoileann also received a JEP medal. But now, the really hard, intricate work begins. And we are all on board!

— Mary C