Registration of New Pupils: Tuesday 18th @ 7pm. of New Pupils: Tuesday 18th @ 7pm.

There will be a warm, heartfelt welcome to parents of new enrollees ’20/’21. Our Induction and Registration Night is always an informative evening and a great opportunity for parents to get an overview of our culture and ethos, initiatives, schedules, teaching and learning objectives, curriculum and lots of good hints! There will be opportunity to meet some staff and ask any questions in preparation for your child’s first day in ‘Big School’!

In a few short months, these Junior Infants will be graduating to Senior Infants. How time flies! We are really looking forward to welcoming our new Infants. Always a very exciting and joyful occasion. An important date for all involved, big and small: Friday,28th Aug. 2020!

— schooladmin