Closure? What Closure? We are Open to Learning….   What Closure?   We are Open to Learning….

This is just a snapshot of the amazing activities being done in all our home-schools. Well done everyone! These photos are a joy. There is some amazing learning going on in every home and the children are having super fun too, with lots of play, making and baking, reading and writing, listening and talking! Maith sibh go léir!

A very wise poet, here…..
Bácéirí Iontacha!
Four Star Bug Hotels !
Adam has had a make-over 🙂
Everyone needs at least one good stegosaurus in their life.
Everyone needs fun exercise 🙂
Math exercise keeps us fit too!
Junior Infants Easter Parade. Bouncy Easter Bonnets!
What a fantastic engineering project!! A Chicken Coop by the Wade family
Mad Scientists
The ‘HAPPY Garden’ (Long family)
Cé hé mise??
Cé rinne an comic seo ? ( Hint: Rang a Cúig!)
What talent! (This is only a glimpse of a fantastic comic book in progress!)
Activities in Number Value
Everyone needs at least one good robot in their life.
……..”And how will these grow?’
Potions and Lotions……I can smell the perfume from here!
Responding to text
Féach ar a gcuid rice crispie buns! Go hiontach páistí sona sásta a fheiscint.
Buachaill gnóthach anseo ó Rang a Sé
Busy Beavers in Junior Infants
Experiments in the Kitchen Lab. SUPER!
Horse-Jumping in the Olympics…….postponed.Excellent illustration! Horses are not easy to draw.
A Corona-Busting Robot!
Making our own playdough!

Follow this link to explore what Mr Damien’s Class have been up to–pics.html

Ms Caroline’e Class …..learning about Florence Nightingale and Hygiene. How very apt!
Of course, if all else fails, there’s always Scrabble!
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