Biodiversity…….all around us.…….all around us.

Well, blackberry season is well and truly over (folklore reminds us that the púca spits on blackberries in October) and even the sloes have ripened prematurely. Storm Callum shook the ash trees vigorously, covering all our yard and blocking our drains. Sixth Class spent 20mins sweeping and clearing the yard with me. I really appreciate that! They loved it. Huge thanks to Ms Brid, Gemma and Gillian for their work/enthusiasm in our garden. Enjoy these photos….

What an amazing display from Ms Gemma’s First and Second classes. They really have captured the environment and the autumn season.

Claire’s Second and Third Classes surveyed all the veg in the garden and fruits in the hedgerows.

Fifth Class soup. Greeeen and full of minerals from our garden. Absolutely yummy.

Well here she is: the most talented and generous cook! Ms Gemma here, is ‘throwing together’ a kale/tossed leaf salad with a punchy, pungent, delicious dressing. Her beetroot (from our organic garden)and carrot salad was so delicious. She even roasted our sunflower seeds with her own pumpkin seeds, in a dried spice mix, that has yet to be patented! She dressed one of these salads with Irish mozzarella…. and other inspiring and creative (secret) ingredients…. what a treat for all of her colleagues, and all done so ‘effortlessly’, in 10mins, (typical!). Míle buíochas duit, Gem.

— Mary C