Caherleaheen N.S. Closure Jan. 2021

Dear Parents, please download and be familiar with our Plan for Remote Teaching and Learning 2021

Here is a very useful chart. Please refer to it before contacting the school. We have uploaded it on Twitter and on our TeachersFacebook page, as well as featuring it on this website’s homepage. Please contact your GP for further advice if you have queries that are not answered on this chart. Continue to follow NPHET guidelines closely so as to limit community transmission outside our school, thus protecting our pupils and staff, familial siblings and close family contacts, not to mention the greater local communities in schools and workplaces.

Download and print this excellent poster, a two paged A4 description of what parents should do if challenged by any of the above symptoms or a suspected/related/possible COVID contact

Please take the time to refer to the Addendum to our Code of Behaviour, so as to ensure we are all in this together and clear on our daily obligation to keep ourselves and each other safe. The appended Code is brief and concise. It was ratified by the Board of Management on Tues 8th September. It highlights the responsibilities of pupils, parents, guardians and staff as we strive to keep out school open and safe for all by following a code of conduct.

This is the Response Plan which all primary schools, including Caherleaheen NS will follow. It was published by DoES on 27th July:

Please follow this link to find Caherleaheen’s Policy Statement regarding the safe re-opening of our school:

Caherleaheen NS Risk Assessment: This outlines the commitment of Staff and BoM to identify and reduce risk:

Here is our schedule and timetable for staggered sos and lunch breaks: