School Policies.

Dear Parents,

You will find our policies and procedures on this page. These policies ensure that our teaching and learning activities proceed in a safe and supportive manner, thus nurturing and preserving a happy atmosphere where all our pupils can develop and thrive. The collaborative input of staff, parents and pupils is important when policies are being drafted. Policies are guided by the Department of Education and Skills and  reviewed or ratified by the Board of Management regularly.  


Healthy Eating Policy Final 2022

Homework Policy 2022 Final

SPHE 2022 to 2024 Policy Final


This Remote Teaching and Learning Plan was issued in early January 2021:


Our Acceptable Usage Policy  outlines the rules of engagement on various learning platforms:

Acceptable Usage Remote Learning Policy 2020

Our Covid Response Plan  was compiled and ratified by the BoM with extensive input from school staff in August 2020. It was reviewed and amended in Nov 2020. The BoM amended it further in Feb.2021  


Child Protection Policies:

Our Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment are displayed at the main entrance. The Child Safeguarding Statement is an important statutory responsibility for all Irish primary schools.

2022 / 23 Child Safeguarding Statement and Risk Assessment (2)

  2.   First Aid and Intimate Care Policy

3. Critical-Incident-Policy Tralee (2021)

4. Assessment Policy 2021

5.    One-to-One Teaching Policy

6.   Policy Code of Conduct and Dignity at Work (1)

7.      Policy for SNA TY Placements 21 (1)

8.      Policy for Teaching Placements 21

9.    School Outings Policy Nov 2021

Please note that our Code of Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies are complementary, and neither is exclusive of the other. These are also displayed in hard copy at the entrance. It is a condition of enrolment that parents  and pupils agree to comply with the school’s Code of Behaviour (Education Welfare Act 2000). 

  Anti Bullying Policy 2022

 Anti-Bullying Policy 2019 (1)

Code-Of-Behaviour 2019

Acceptable Usage Policy 2018

Phone Policy 


Records Retention Schedule 

Parental Complaints

Data Protect CONSENT

Data Protection Policy

Mixed Class Policy.

Attendance Policy