Creeeeepy Corridors! Corridors!

We teachers are feeling a little uneasy…..creaky hinges in school and spells in the yard! But, the children love the anticipation. Hallowe’en approaches and winter beckons…..

Duilleoga ag titim agus an ghaoth ag neartú[caption id="attachment_7291" align="aligncenter" width="169"] Let us OUT!!! (Rang a Dó + a Trí.


Our Junior Infants made clay spiders…..brave!

They aren’t even slightly worried about living in a Creeeeepy Castle/School👹

Creatlacha, I Rang a Ceathair…..

A Huffy, Heaving Hallowe’en House, Fifth Class

The Haunted Guitar House……in Fifth Class

A Topsy-turvy, itchy-witchy, unbalanced house …

Well done, Fifth Class! All your paintings are so……..Creeeeepily creative.👻

Senior Infants are bravely ‘batty’.

Junior Infants have really good fine motor skills. They managed to dress these pucas in cotton wool. Well done!

— Mary C